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Interior Design
/ Location: Hyderabad, India.

Natures Fable

Natures Fable is an Apartment inspired by the theme Biophilia – connection with Nature in the Interior environments. The concept is driven by our interpretation of the client’s expressed needs and desires. Four underlying zones of nature - Water, Earth, Sky, and Forest are used to weave the spaces of the Apartment. The client’s requirement for each space was diverse like having a Modern styled living room with a touch of Classical emphasis elements, an elderly Bedroom close to the nature, and a vibrant and energetic bedroom for his young girls. The task was to design a Modern looking living cum dining space with a classical touch by creating a layered environment with textures, patterns, and colours. A panelled wall in earthen tones and a Console table in white Brick texture wall opposite to it constitutes to the classical touch of the space along with brass detailed centre table and lights. A screen partition mimicking the shapes of water bubbles and the Travertine flooring beneath it gives the connection with natural setting of Rocks and Water bodies. The design of the kitchen shouts modernity with the countertop and the back splash made in black Italian Marble complimenting the light-coloured modular wooden cabinets. The Master bedroom portrays Earthen Elegance with tones of brown on wooden flooring. The grandparent’s bedroom as per client’s requirement is designed to have an indirect visual connection with nature through a wall graphic making it a space with playful green colours and natural plants.

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