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Interior Design
/ Location: Hyderabad.


Most of the Modern Educational spaces lack in productive study environments and fails to develop fun through learning and knowledge sharing among students. This forms the basic view for the creation of EduCafe. The idea is to create a space that acts as a social hub for learning with collaborative education which allows users to muster up, share their knowledge and clarify their doubts with each other or with the visiting teachers. EduCafe not only comforts the users but also create the zeal and curiosity towards learning. Educafe is the cluster of varied activity zones such as Virtual learning spaces, Quiet zone for meditated and focused learning, Ad-Hoc seating spaces for spontaneous and task specific collaborative activity, and a Faculty-Students Interaction space. The theme of the space exhibits Biophilia with an indirect connection through textures and finishes, resulting in connectivity to the natural environment which further results in increased productivity in students. This color palette with light oak finishes and greens refreshes and accentuates the student’s mood in a positive way. Segregation of each space has been achieved with elements such as privacy screens and storage cabinets up till mid height and the rest being Glass with patterns forming strong horizontal lines. The use of exposed Concrete finishes, Pendant lights & open ceiling rafters create an industrial style complimenting the Biophilic theme.

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